You Decide

“You will never be truly happy.” This is a direct quote from an acquaintance of mine during a lunch meet up the other day. Now there is obviously other content to the story, but I wanted to focus on this main statement. I found myself repeating this over and over in my head for the next several days. I couldn’t get past this absurd statement from someone, who for what its worth, barely knows me. I think that it really is up to you, and you alone, to determine whether or not you find happiness in your daily life. Your attitude from the moment you wake up, until you crash at the end of the day, determines how you will attack the day. A positive outlook will lead you down a particular path, where a negative one will possibly lead you down a different path. Now we can only speculate that the paths are different, because we can’t time travel and redo the day with a different attitude just to see. But, wouldn’t you rather lead the positive one and leave no doubt? I don’t know anyone who has truly achieved nirvana, mostly because we all are far from perfect. As for me, personally, I try to wake up everyday with a positive outlook and question what kind of adventures the day holds for me. Of course,not everything goes the way I would like it to go, but that’s life. I’ve learned to make some tasty lemonade out of the lemons that life has handed me. You see, in this thing we call life, it comes down to a series of choices. For example, I was fired from a job because I made the choice to spend time reading to my mom as she was recovering from brain surgery. Had I made a different choice, I may still have that job but there is no way to replace the time I spent with my mom before she passed. Was I right? I guess that depends on you are asking. All I know is that it is my cross to bear, and I am content and HAPPY with my decision. Basically… my point is, it’s my life and my choices. My happiness is not up for judgement. Each and everyone of us, myself included, have to decide the path that is right for them. So, in closing, only you can evaluate what happy means to you; and if you’re not happy, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

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